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    How do I keep from Sending Double Copies

      Every time I send a PDF document to an email address, it goes TWICE. Even if I send it to myself, I get 2 copies. I can't find any way to correct this. Anyone else having the same problem, or know a fix? I have the most current/free downloadable Adobe Acrobat. Polly
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          Recently, someone I know had a similar (maybe same) problem on a Windows
          machine. E-mails sent from programs or with right-click/ 'Send to'/ 'Mail
          recipient' was sent twice, unless she was saving the generated e-mail in the
          'Drafts' folder and sending it later directly from Outlook (or Outlook
          Expres, not sure which she was using). The problem was a corrupt install of
          Norton Antivirus, which was intercepting outgoing e-mails to scan them, and
          somehow this resulted in two copies being sent. Another symptom was that if
          'File'/ 'Work offline' was checked, the e-mail was being sent instead of
          only being saved into the 'Ouput' folder of the mail client.

          So, if you have an antivirus that scans outgoing mail, try repairing/
          reinstalling it.