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    Reader 9.0 - behaviour w.r.t. Vista's "virtualized folders"

      I'd like to confirm what appears to be a change in v9 compared to v8 of Reader (and probably full Acrobat as well) - and find out if there is any way around it (perhaps a configuration setting?).

      In v8.0, when using the "Open" dialog to open a file, and browsing to a Vista folder that is "virtualized" with respect to the current User, then a full list of files contained both in the "real" folder and the "virtualized" (aka "Compatibility files" folder) is presented. In v9.0, ONLY those files physically present in the "real" folder are presented.
      The above poses a problem to Users of our legacy system, which writes files to such a location that is then "virtualized". (In fact we also programatically invoke Reader to open a file in this location, which now fails under v9.0, but worked under v8.0)

      Of course, it would be better that we moved our output files to a non-virtualized location. However, this cannot happen in the short term, and some of our Customers are already wanting to use Reader v9.0.

      Any comments / suggestions welcomed.
      Chris Lafosse