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    Extraneous lines in printing a map

      On some of our computers, when we send a map to the plotter from Acrobat, we get extraneous long lines across the page. These are always a line symbol that is really on the map, but shoots off straight from a vertex somewhere. These lines do not show up when you view the file in Acrobat, they only appear on the plotter. All the computers are using Acrobat Reader 8.1.2, but only some have the issue. The problem seems to be specific to a login. If I login as myself on a coworker's computer I have the problem, but he does not when he logs in as himself. There must be a setting in Acrobat somewhere that we have changed on some computers and then forgotten about.

      These maps are generated in ESRIs ArcMap GIS software and are 36 X 60. Most of the files are about 50 MB. Each map has lots of line contour lines and such. The computers are all running XP SP3 and are printing to an HP Design Jet 4000ps large format plotter. We are not using the Postscript driver.
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          This problem appears to be caused by checking auto-rotate on the main Print dialog instead of on the plotters Properties dialog. Also, it may be important to select the orientation correctly on the plotters properties dialog.
          Uncheck Auto-Rotate and Center on the main Print dialog.
          In the plotters Properties window, check Autorotate and set the Roll Size.
          On the Finishing tab of the Properties dialog, choose Portrait or Landscape.