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    Internet Explorer and Acrobat

      Hello all,

      I apologize if this topic has already been discussed, but I have a problem in IE when I click a URL that links to a pdf document.

      I have acrobat reader 8 installed, and I also have Adobe Acrobat installed on my PC. When I click links on web sites that link to PDFs, IE tries to open the document in Acrobat 6 rather than open the document in Reader 8 inside of an IE window.

      I changed the preferences inside of Reader 8 to open in IE, and I also changed the "Open With" settings to open ALL PDFs in Acrobat Reader 8, but I still can't get my PDFs to open in IE when the URL is clicked.

      If anybody has the remedy please share... this happened once I installed Acrobat 6 a few weeks ago.

      Thanks all,