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    mediawrite write unknown codec

      I keep getting a "mediawrite write unknown codec" error message when editing some audio that I'm recording. Any ideas about the cause and the solution?
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          I have encountered the same problem a few times and i have realised that it happens if the audio clip size is too small (less than or equal to 8KB). Audio clip of this size may get associated with a slide in any one of these workflows :

          1. If user records a single syllable word such that size of the mp3 is less than 8KB.
          2. If user imports an audio file of size less than 8KB (the duration of such a file will be less than 1 sec at 128kbps bit rate)
          3. If user edits audio in a presentation in Audio Editor, leaves a clipping of duration less than 1 sec on a slide and later copies this slide to some other presentation.

          Have you done any of the above things in your presentation? Another way of checking is to go to the asset folder and see the duration of all the audio clips in the 'audio' folder. Do you see any clip with duration 00:00 or 00:01 secs?
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            Westfair did you find any other solutions?