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    automatic scrolling programetically in .net

      I m using vb.net and activex component (interop) of adobe reader 8. I need to show the pdf file on the screen and automatically scroll it.

      There is a command in the reader itself that allows the pdf file to scroll automatically. (view > automatically scroll).

      Is there any way to do the same thing programatically ? I tried using a method called setViewScroll - AxAcroPDFLib.AxAcroPDF.setViewScroll (viewMode as string, offset as Single). I did this in a for loop so the pdf starts to scroll but as it scroll down, the scrolling is too fast.

      Is there any way to scroll the pdf automatically within vb.net code ?

      will i be able to get the same result if i use adobe acrobat sdk and its scrollTo method ? in the sdk, the scrolling looks ok but how do i set the layoutmode ? (I need the layout mode to be onecolumn - continous page facing)