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    Adobe Reader 9 prints only one page

      We have a Windows lab that we just updated to Reader 9, and now are having problems with some PDF's and only being able to print the first page. We first uninstalled version 8 before installing 9, and all the computers were cast with Symantec Ghost and we are using Deep Freeze.

      It seems to be an issue with postscript printers, as we don't have the problem if you print to a file (XPS document writer) and then proceed to print from there. We've tested it with the IE plugin and also the application and still get the same result. The problem doesn't happen if you select "print as image" in the Adobe printing preferences. However, to set this as the default action it seems that you have to set it in the registry for every printer that is installed.

      Does anyone know of any fixes for this? Thanks.