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    Security Problems with fscommand

      Hi - <br /><br />I am embedding a flash application into a PDF document (using the "old" style of embedding that was available pre Reader V9). I am encountering an odd security error when this document is opened in IE with Reader running inside the browser. What I am seeing is:<br /><br />Error running fscommand: Error #2149: <br /><br />Security sandbox violation: http://anthony.vitrium.com/TestInline/pdf000078d5/pdf000078d5.swf cannot make fscommand calls to <unknown> (allowScriptAccess is ) <br /><br />This error only occurs when using Adobe Reader/Acrobat V9 displaying a document within IE V7 (we have not tested with IE 6). It does<br />not occur when viewing the same file in-browser with Firefox. Nor does it occur if Reader/Acrobat is set up such that PDF's don't open in the browser.<br /><br />It doesn't make sense to me that this error should only occur for IE, and only when the document is opened in the browser.<br /><br />Terry.