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    Security Difference Between Windows and Mac

      We have ancountered a situation in which the Flash Player on the Windows platform and the Flash player on the Mac platform are behaving differently. The difference involves a security error that occurs only on the Mac platform when using the SWFLoader class. This problem also only occurs when the Flash application in question is embedded in a PDF document.

      We are using this to load Flash applications dynamically into a generic container that executes within the PDF file. I have included below the code that we are using to perform this operation.

      When executed within Adobe Reader on a Windows machine, this code executes as expected and we are able to load Flash applications as desired. However, when executed within Adobe Reader on a Mac, this code produces a security error callback. The security error is listed as "Error #2049".

      I had assumed that Flash would be platform neutral, so this difference in behaviour between Windows and the Mac is problematic in terms of having a truly cross-platform application.