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    Adobe Reader 9 Colors in PDF print very light

      I am having an annoying problem with Adobe Reader 9. I have been printing PDFs from it, but the trouble is that the color accuracy is poor.
      The colors on the printed page are much lighter than they should be. I have printed the same PDF from a different version of Adobe Reader, namely version 6. The printed colors are exactly as they should be.
      This problem is not related to the different ICC color profiles used by the monitor and the printer since using an older version of Adobe Reader doesnt cause this problem. I have tried setting options such as Let printer determine colors, Print as Image and Discolored background correction. These options have reduced the problem but have made little difference. The difference in color is still very noticeable.
      I have also tried printing out some color samples namely Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black blocks of color to test if any are at fault. The yellow comes out as green. This must be where the problem lies. All the other color samples are fine.
      Are there any suggestions you could offer to fix or significantly reduce the difference in color? Using the very old Adobe Reader 6.0 is far from ideal.
      Thanks in advance.

      Jim Collins