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    Reader API Definition


      I have an application for an Adobe Interactive Form which requires that another application (SAP Mobile) initiates a Reader Template pre-populated with some data from the SAP Mobile app.

      Assuming Reader exposes an API I'm trying to find some documentation which defines that API to see if this is possible.

      Any other advice very welcome!

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          Doesn't sound like something Reader can do, but maybe Acrobat can. The
          Acrobat SDK has more details than you will want.

          Aandi Inston
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            Since you're serving your files up from an SAP system, you could use the ADS from SAP to merge the data into an existing PDF. There is a Java and an ABAP interface to do that for you.

            Conversely, you could server up a PDF with no data in it and have it access the data it needs via a web service call back to the server. That's one of the modes that Web Dynpro uses, for example.

            Do either of those work for you?
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              hi Les

              Thanks for your time.

              Sorry I should have made clear that this is an offline scenario - mobile workers using laptops which have intermittent connectivity to the SAP system. What they do have is SAP Mobile running locally on their laptop which has the data needed for pre-populating the form, so I was looking for a solution where the user could click a button within a piece of work in SAP Mobile which would then launch a pdf pre-populated with details of the work from SAP Mobile.

              The PDF would then be saved locally and synchronised with the back-end R3 system when the laptop is back on line.

              I suppose a possible alternative approach would be to generate & pre-populate the forms at the SAP back end at the same time as the SAP work is being marshalled for sending to SAP Mobile on the laptop, then there would be a library of pre-populated forms on the laptop & the user would have to select the one which related to their current job? This just seems a bit clunkier for the user...

              Thanks for any additional advice you may be able to provide.
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                Ah. More information enables me tp suggest more ideas.

                #1 - you could still continue to use web services to get the data. SAP Mobile has all that built in and you can just do your webservice to localhost.

                #2 On the other hand, since you're running stand alone, you have access to the file system from scripts in the PDF and you could have the PDF load the data from a file on disk.

                I'm going to send the link to this thread to a colleague who is more technical and may be able to suggest some other ideas.
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                  hi Les, thanks for your help with this.

                  NB we are running MI v2.5, and no immediate prospect of an upgrade, believe web services are not possible with this version?
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                    I don't know about exactly what capabilities are available in which version of SAP Mobile. But here's a simpler solution for you.  Create your data in an XML file that looks something like:<br /><br /><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><br /><?xfa generator="XFA2_4" APIVersion="2.8.8157.0"?><br /><xdp:xdp xmlns:xdp="http://ns.adobe.com/xdp/"><br /><xfa:datasets xmlns:xfa="http://www.xfa.org/schema/xfa-data/1.0/"><br /><xfa:data><br />    ...your normal form data goes here..<br /></xfa:data><br /></xfa:datasets><br /><pdf href="...URL for PDF..." xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/xdp/pdf/"/><br /></xdp:xdp><br /><br />Now you have a couple of choices. You can call Reader and ask it to open (I forget the command line switch off hand) the XDP file or you can just ask Windows to open the XDP file with it's registered application.  Since XDP is associated with Reader, this will work unless of course you also have Adobe Designer loaded on the system.<br /><br />The href should be able to point to a file:// URL or an HTTP(s):// URL. I guess an FTP URL would work as well.<br /><br />When you get a little sample working, this would be a great topic for a posting in the Interactive Forms area on SDN.<br /><br />Les
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                      Les, this sounds like a solution, I will ask the guys who support the mobile app whether they can create the .xdp and fire it off from within the app.

                      When we know whether we can get it working I will post back...

                      Thanks for all your input.