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    Upgrading Acrobat Reader

      I feel its time to upgrade my Acrobat Reader. I'm getting messages that some of the content of my forms are unable to be viewed with the my present version and I think some documents are not opening at all. When I check in Control Panel's Add or Remove, I see several Adobe versions, Acrobat 5.0, Acrobat Reader 3.01, and Adobe Flash Player ActiveX. I have a dialup connection to the Internet, using Windows XP Home Edition SP2, version 2002, with Internet Explorer 6.0.
      I want to install a free version of Acrobat Reader, (not too large as I'm using a dialup connection), that will allow me to view my documents. I don't need any more than the most basic version that will allow me to do this and am asking for advice here.
      Should I uninstall all of the above versions of Adobe from "Add or Remove" first before installing a newer version or do I just install a newer version leaving them alone? Which version should I install? Please be complete in your response as I'm a relative newbie at this. Thank you.