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    Extract msi file from Adobe Reader 9

      I distribute Adobe Reader throughout the enterprise using the Customization utility. In past, up to and including Adobe Reader 8 I have been able to extract the msi file by finding the needed files in the
      %temp% folder. I am finding that is not true with Adobe Reader 9. Is there another method (other than doing a full install) of extracting the
      acroread.msi file for version 9? Please do not refer me to the extraction process for version 8 that is what I am using with not success. Just wondered if there was another method.
      Thanks in Advance
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          Run the Acrobat Reader setup file and pause it after the setup starts. Now go to %userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Setup Files\READER9 and there are all the setup files. Copy all these files and you will now be able to use the custom setup wizard for 9 to make any customizations and deploy.

          Good luck!