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    Adobe Prints Text as Double Image

      When I print pdf documents online[specifically http://content.educationdirectonline.com/course/VET010/online/vet010_088001.pdf ] the text prints out fuzzy, with a gray double image of the text right behind it, almost like a shadow. I've tried turning off the printer(Dell Photo Printer 720 with new black ink cartridge and full colored) to reset the cache, but it hasn't helped. The problem seems to be specific to Adobe, because I have printed text documents with notepad and they turn out fine.
      Also, I have tried changing scaling options, text rounding options, and even tried printing the pdf as an image, none of which have effected the problem I am experiencing.
      If anyone would help me solve this mystery it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to read through this.
      -Josh Lammon