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    Windows XP Links toolbar locks up with acrobat.exe

      Acrobat 8.1.2 1/11/2008 (part of CS3)
      Windows XP Professional latest SP

      It is annoying to have an acrobat.exe process for each document I've viewed remain as a running task. Seemingly forever. Acrobat reader is apparently trying to be nice, staying loaded and all, but why one process for each file? This happens whether I launch acrobat from Firefox or a windows explorer directory listing. Since I use Acrobat a lot, sometimes my task list will show 10 or 15 acrobat.exe processes just sitting there, playing with themselves, long after the document is put away.

      This would be merely a memory and CPU-hogging annoyance if it wasn't for the other problem: attempting to open a link created on the taskbar's links menu won't work as long as these zombie acrobat.exe processes are running. The taskbar link menu locks up. Once I kill the last remaining acrobat.exe process, the taskbar link opens.

      1. The user should be given the option to control if acrobat.exe remains running after closing a document;

      2. acrobat.exe ought not screw up other basic windows functions (assuming here that it's acrobat's fault - as I haven't seen this issue with any other software I use)

      I'm curious if other users have this same issue, or if not, would care to try and reproduce it :)

      Maybe, even, someone has a fix!