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    AR 6.0 start to system tray?

      As the Reader takes a longer time (I'm still using Win98SE and I'm happy with it) to start if called just by clicking on the document. I also realized that a document will be opened much faster if the Reader already runs (e.g. due to a previously opened document).
      I imagine to start the Acrobat Reader at system start and have it available as icon in the system tray (always in the background). I hope documents would be opened faster then.

      Does anybody know wether this works and if yes how?

      Thanx in advance

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        You can start Adobe Reader and minimize it. This amounts to the same
        thing, but you can't have it live in the system tray.

        Aandi Inston
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          That is true, Adobe Reader can only be minimized, not running in the system tray.

          I would suggest looking at improving your OS performance by adjusting the system cache, remove unnecessary programs that load on boot, make sure your Service Packs / Updates are current, make sure your hard drive is regularly de-fragmented and use a memory optimizer.

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            Thanks for the contributions.
            I do regularly optimize my OS as recommended, so I'm afraid to have only the option to start AR at system start automatically and minimize it after that....

            But I'll be searching internet for a utility that can put any program to system tray, mayber there is a solution.....
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              Now I found a freeware utility which does exactly what I want....
              Its name is "Trayconizer". It can be poitioned as cammand line batch in the Autostart folder.

              Maybe that helps other people who like to do the same. The program is available in ANSI-Code (Win98 etc.) as well as in UniCode (WinXP etc.)

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                Hello Wolfgang, i'm a Win98 user as well and i tried to download AR7 after having deleted AR6... Now due to get error-message from adobe, i cannot download AR6 at all... Could you help me to get AR6 again, maybe through an E-Mail ? I would thank you very much for your kind assistance. Best regards. Daniel Metraux, Geneva/Switzerland
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                  Hello Daniel,

                  AFAIK AR7 does not work on Win98...

                  Have you already tried to find Acrobat Reader searching the internet? I found several websites, e.g.
                  http://www.zdnet.de/datenverwaltung_fuer_windows_adobe_reader_6_0_2__komplett_version_down load-39002345-31076-1.htm
                  and a couple more.

                  If you really not are able to download the 6.0 version I can send it to you provided you publish your emailaddress here....
                  I archived older versions beginning with V2.0, hoever all in german language...

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                    Dear Wolfgang, THANK YOU very much for your kind reply. Thanks your information, i'm happy to advise you that i found everything i needed. I could download AR6, and its updates 6.0.2 to 6.0.6. I'm using an old notebook from our Ski-club that still uses WIN98. For that kind of business (i'm an official chronometer of the Swiss-skying organ), this machine is rather sufficient as i do only this on it. Everything looks now O.K. Thanks again for your kind assistance and best regards