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    reader 9.0 closes IE7

      I am a neophyte computer user
      I upgraded to reader 9.0 from 7.0. Now when I attempt to open a web based PDF IE7 closes. A few minutes later I get an I/O error message that I assume closes reader.
      I uninstalled 9.0 and then reloaded 7.0 same issue. I also unistalled 7.0 then installed 8.0 then unistalled 8.0 and reinstalled 9.0.
      I read the thread titled "Reader 9 won't open PDF from web browser" and tried most of the proposed fixes.
      Nothing works! reader 7, 8 and 9 ALL close IE7 when I attempt to open web based PDF. Please note that reader 9.0 and previous versions all open PDF files on my hard drive with absolutely no problems.
      What can I do to resolve this?