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    Problem in opening PDF files using Reader 8 when created with iText 2.1.3

      We are facing problem in using IText version 2.1.3. We are using Acrobat Reader 8.1 for viewing the PDF documents. In our Shell program we are splitting and merging the pdf documents using IText. The pdf document works correctly and is readable for documents with one page while it fails for documents with multiple pages.Also please note that it works fine with the older Arcobat reader version say version 7.0 and below but since business has migrated to acrobat higher version we expect IText to work in sync.

      We have already raised a bug with the iText and got the information from them stating that the problem is due to the over nesting of XObjects, which has a threshold value of 50 and was discarded in earlier versions but got flagged in Acrobad Reader 8. Also note that we have reported a bug with the adobe development team.

      We tried working with other Java PDF tools (jPDFProces), to manupulate the pdf files but were facing the same problem. Hence we understand that the problem is with Adobe Reader 8 as the manupulated pages are being viewed in Adobe Reader 7, but fails to read in Adobe Reader 8.

      Kindly provide us with a solution.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Kiran R
      Sonata software.com
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          Conte Pietro

          Buon Giorno
          Ho un problema riguardo Adobe Reader.
          La vecchia versione Adobe 8.1.1 non mi apre più i files in formato PDF.
          Ho provato ad installare l'ultima versione Adobe 9 , arriva fino ad un passo dal completamento ma non riesce a terminare. mi da il seguente errore:

          ERROR 1714 The older version of Adobe Reader 9 cannot be removed.
          Contattare l'assistenza!
          Ho cancellato tutti i riferimenti Adobe dal DeskTop, dal Pannello di Controllo e dal FILES Programmi, ma niente!

          Vi sarei grato se potete mandarmi un dettagliato help per riuscire a completare l'installazione.