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    reverse feature of "Go to Bookmark"


      In Adobe Reader 9, is there a feature so that from any displayed document page the corresponding bookmark can automatically be found and displayed?

      As an example of the need for that feature, I have a 3500-page PDF in which each page is bookmarked. The content of each bookmark is a detailed page reference, and thus the bookmarks provide a citation system for the entire document. While it is straightforward to click a bookmark and thereby "go to" the page which is linked to that bookmark, the opposite does not seem to be possible. In other words, if page 1500 is presently displayed, there is no feature to show the bookmark for that page.

      The "Highlight Current Bookmark" feature is only a partial solution for this issue. That feature does not de-nest nested bookmarks, and it does not "go to" a bookmark that is higher or lower in the bookmark tree than the portion of the bookmark tree which is currently displayed.


      Raphael Greene