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    Print progress bar slow in Reader 8 and 9

      We have several users who recently began having issues with printing to our Xerox network printers with Reader 8. This is happening with even one-page documents... the print dialog box will appear fine, but after clicking print, it sits at the progress bar and the program seems to hang for a minute + until it's done. Some of the things I've tried include:

      -rebooted printer
      -ran all windows updates
      -upgraded to adobe 9
      -tried several different print drivers (pcl, ps and global)
      -tried all suggestions from knowledge base article:


      -toggled all options in advanced print options > font resource policy
      -tested on several different machines, same issue
      -tested with different printers, same issue

      On one machine, I uninstalled Reader 8 and tried version 7, which seemed to work much better.

      I was told this is just a bug related to an update in the newer versions that may be conflicting with our Xerox printer drivers.

      I'm not sure if I want to revert everyone back to version 7, so if anyone has any other suggestions... it would be much appreciated!