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    Reader 9 Locks up IE7

      I am running XP. I upgraded to Reader 9 from 8.X. When I click on a link to view a pdf in the browser it opens fine. But when I close the pfd tab, IE7 Locks up totally and I need task manager to close it. I tried uninstalling Reader 9 and doing a clean install and the same thing happens. Ver 8 always worked fine. Does anyone else have this problem or know a fix. Thank You
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          As a follow up to this I tried:
          1: disabling all of the add-ons in IE7 - same problem so in addition
          2: disabling all of the unnecessary programs when windows starts.

          I still have the same problem of IE7 Lockup after viewing a pdf file with Reader 9

          Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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            I am having the exact same problem and I am very frustrated. I need this program to work!!! Version 8 was fine!
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              I'm getting similar problems here.

              Version 8.1 was fine on all our PC's

              All are running XP - SP3 applied and fully patched. All well above minimun spec recommended. All installs of reader 9 went without issues.

              Using the reader to open a file is fine. Even using 'File'-'Open with'-IE7 on a saved file is fine. Opening attachments in Outlook Express is OK, too. All open very quickly.

              However, using a weblink in IE7 produces a blank screen, in either the current tab, in an opened other tab OR in a new window. Closing IE7 (even in another window) closes ALL IE7 windows completely!

              An associate of mine uses Firefox, which seems to work OK, but his copy of Google Chrome doesn't.

              I've no more suggestions on what to do other than save the PDF files in the links and open them locally (which is fairly quick in most cases, but a pain in the neck) until 'they' sort this one out.
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                SOLUTION FOUND:

                Try this - worked for all our machines (and is faster to open the PDF)

                (1) Open Adobe Reader 9 (from 'All Programs' menu)
                (2) Click the menu 'Edit'-'Preferences'
                (3) Select 'Internet' (nearly half-way down the list)
                (4) UNTICK the option 'Display PDF in Browser' (at the top)
                (5) Click 'OK' (bottom right)

                Taken from another forum page
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                  Same problems with Reader 9 here on Citrix servers running W2k3 SP2/Citrix PS4.5/IE6sp1, and desktops running WinXP Pro and IE7. Opening PDFs from the File menu in Reader is fine, double-clicking on a PDF in Windows Explorer also works, but clicking on a link to a PDF in IE causes the browser window to go blank and the browser to hang.

                  The post above is more of a solution than a workaround, I can't find any info on Adobe's site about this problem although from the forum and various blogs it seems to be affecting many people.

                  Adobe can we have a fix please?