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    Sign +  in Fillable Forms

      I am trying to fill one of the fillable forms (pdf)online. However for some fileds the space provided is not enough. Such as for a date, when I type 2008 I see a + sign as I type 8, so when I print the form I see 200+ instead of 2008, as if there isn't enough space for the character 8, or so I think. How can I fix this? Thanks
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          How can a user, with the free Adobe Acrobat reader, fill in and return a form, electronically, with the content of all fields kept intact?

          As the user, with Adobe Reader 9.0.0 (and the "AcroForm.api" Plug-In, Version "9.0.0 6/12/2008"), I can not find any way to fill out and return the form PDFs I receive from my employer (for annual peer reviews) or from other organizations for online registration (trailnet.org, for long distance bicycle rides).

          I get the "You cannot save data typed into this form. Please print your completed form if you would like a copy for your records." message, when I open the file, and the "This document does not allow changes to be saved. Any changes you have made will not be included in the document when it is mailed. Do you want to continue?" message when I do "File -> Attach to Email...". In IE, "File -> Send -> Page By E-mail..." does not display an error message, but like all other options, it sends a blank form, cleared of all data.

          Here's an example form I can't seem to fill out and send electronically:

          It seems like I must be missing something obvious, because otherwise the functionality would be much less useful than we thought.

          Thank you for any advice or suggestions you may be able to offer!
          - jeff
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            (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
            The file must be prepared specially for you to be allowed to fill it.
            The person who prepares the form has many choices, including allowing
            you to submit the form information directly, but in many cases they do
            not make these choices.

            This means that they expect (or at least, limit) you to fill in the
            form, print it, and mail it.

            Aandi Inston