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    Reader 9.0 on Vista associates itself with my .zip files ?!?!

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      System: a Brand NEW (as in 3 days old) Vista machine (3 gig, dual core).

      When I install Adobe Reader, the first time, my .zip files are okay - I can use the built-in uncompress feature to open them. If I shut down and come back the next day, Reader is now associated with my .zip files so I can't open them. The only way is to uninstall reader. I don't want to have to keep uninstalling/reinstalling each time I need to either open a .zip file (which I do frequently) or read a .pdf file.

      I don't know what microsoft program to associate them with so I can unassociate the .zip files with Reader and use the built in uncompress command to open the .zip files. (I did find where to set file associations in Vista.)

      Can someone here help me?

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          I found a "fix".

          To help others - there is a registry fix you can run - see this page:


          Follow the instructions on that page, and it does seem to fix it.

          Just note, the icon associated with the zip file may remain Adobe Reader, but if you right click, "Extract All" *will* show up on the list. (Extract All was *not* on the list when I booted up.)

          Vista is giving me a headache!