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    Changing Print Margins

      Hello Everyone.

      We need to shrink the document to fit inside borders of standard 8x11 pager. in other words we print on 8x11 paper but the document needs to fit with 2 inch borders all around. so the actual document that prints is 6x 9. in most windows apps, all you need to do is go to File, Page Settings, and there is a section where you can specify the borders of each side. so if we put in 2" for each of the sides, the document will shrink to fit inside that 6x9 space.

      looked everywhere and can't seem to find a way to do this but it seems like a very basic thing to do.

      Thanks for reading! will post solution if we find it.
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          Ildhund Level 3
          For a start, if you have 2" margins all round, you'll only be left
          with an area 4" x 7" to print on. Is that what you meant? Fitting
          the print to that is something you'll have to set up at File > Print
          setup. Whether you can deal with it there or at print time depends
          on the printer driver, but most printers should be able to do what
          you want.
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            Level 1
            Thanx for reply.

            yes you are correct, i meant to say 4x7 since it's 2" border all around.

            however, i could not find any setting that would allow me to set the 2" border anywhere within acrobat reader. i looked at print setup but that only brings up the printer driver settings which does not have border settings.

            i know the printer can handle scaling because i've printed a tif using MS paint after specifying a 2" border all around. (we are converting from tif to pdf)
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              In Adobe Reader X there is the option to setup the margins. But don't be too happy, is greyed-out!!Margins.jpg

              Somebody on another forum said it's a bug, but I don't think so... It's so much time now since it was released, there were updates too. Maybe somebody knows how to activate this (if it's really possible and is not an Adobe joke!)?

              As a sugestion, it will also be nice to have the option for mirror margins for saving paper (hope Adobe cares about the environment and it will not be in the next century).

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                I documented a step-by-step workaround to address this problem here: