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    Default Save Folder

      Hi there,

      When we use reader as a browser pluggin and select "SAVE A COPY" icon on the toolbar, adobe automatically opens "my documents" folder for target destination. Is it possible to change this behaviour? For example can we make sure it opens Desktop by default?

      Thanks for your help.
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          On my new Vista 64 bit OS laptop, I am using Adobe Reader 9.0.0.Historically, when I downloaded and saved PDF files, Reader or Acrobat would default the save location to the last prior location. I found this feature useful as I tend to download a series of PDF files sequentilally and saved them to a common folder. Without this last prior location default feature, I generally have to click thru 7 or 8 steps to get to the desired folder. I cannot seem to find any advice on this topic in a search of either Reader or Acrobat. Thanks for comments.



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            I'm having the same problem with Adobe Acrobat X Standard.  On our old version, it defaulted back to the last location I saved a pdf file in.  Now I have to go through several steps and I always scan and safe several files at a time.  Please help.  Thank you!