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    Print as Image changes between Adobe Reader ver7 and ver8+


      We have customers that upgraded to Adobe Reader ver8+ and are now experiencing printing issues with our printer driver (operating system is Windows XP/Vista). When they use Adobe Reader ver8 and above to print their PDF files, with "Print as Image" option selected, the print output is smaller. It looks like the latest version of Adobe Reader output the images using a square DPI. Our printer (line matrix) does not handle square DPI (for example: printer resolution are 120x48, 120x72, 120x144, and 180x96).

      Our printer driver just takes the output from the Microsoft print spooler and just encapsulate it with our printer language. We don't do any image manipulation. So, I would like to know was there a change in the way Adobe Reader version 8 and above create the output image? If so, is there a backward compatibility switch our driver can issue during the printing function?

      I tried talking to Adobe Tech support (bronze support), but they only handle end user issues. Is there a tech support option that I can purchase that will allow me to get to the root of this driver compatibility issue? Any suggestion would be appreciated.