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    adobe AIR 1.1 Crash


      we use adobe air 1.1 on tablet pcs,
      The application uses sqlite and writte some picture on the harddrive.
      we have a strange bug, when using the apps, it can crash every 5 minutes and then working well hours.
      that can happend when writting files, writting data to sqlite or juste using the application.

      Please note that on 5 tablets PC, that happend on vista and xp, but not on intel santarosa configuration.
      Notes also, that the tablet pc how are crashing run onecare (but the bg occure also after uninstalling onecare).

      We try to reinstall vista, but it is not changing anything,

      The error comes from air.dll, version : adress : 0x002169d2

      Any 1.2 version on the way ? to test.
      Any recommandations ?
      Is there a way to see what has caused the crash (the apps said simply that the application has stop running).

      Thanks for your quick hep (we are using adobe air in production).

      Best Regards,