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    The requested file was not a valid font file

      I have a serius problem with OTF fonts shipped with CS3 collection.

      I had to reinstall windows to solve this issue a couple of months ago and now it's bugging me again.
      When I double click on Minion (or other adobe OTF fonts) in fonts (control panel) i get this error:
      "The requested file c:\windows\fonts\MinionPro-BoldCn.otf was not a valid font file"

      And the worst thing is that the fonts are not being listed in any of the applications.

      I opened my project today and I got an error saying that Minion pro bold was not found. I was working on that project yesterday. what could have heppened since then?

      Please help me ASAP.
      Thank you.
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          I found out what the problem was.
          I switched the /3GB switch of windows xp and after that the it started bugging.

          I witched it off now and it's working now.

          Wierd itsn't it?
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            Chinese Arabic or Russian?
            I hope some one can help me. It's not like my life depends on knowing this or not but I would really like to know what this clock is saying. It came in the mail from China a week ago and I have not been able to figure it out. I would guess because this LDU Company business is in China that it is Chinese, but you never know, maybe the clock was made in China for Russians? The website is www.lducompany.com and the link to the sega sonic the hedgehog clock is on this page http://www.liangdianup.com/clocks_1.htm

            There is a video on thier website on the sonic hedgehog clock page and you can hear what the clock is saying. If some one could tell me exactly what it is saying I would appreciate it. Thank you :)
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              Thanks for posting your solution. More memory for AE or OTFs that work... we have a choice, eh?
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                I had the same problem. I tried the /3GB switch, but did not succeed.

                I solved my problem with an older version of my NVidia GeForce 9600GT driver - I installed Version from Asus.com and everything works fine right now.

                It seems, that NVidia has made some changes in the driver that did cause this problem. When I installed Win XP 6 month ago, everything worked fine. Until I installed the new driver from NVidia.

                I hope, this will help others too.
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                  Hello all,
                  I have a serious problem related with .PFB font files. Is there any relation between font name length; I checked and if font name length is more than 30 characters I am getting an error that "the requested file C:\....\....Pfm,C:\....\....Pfb was not a valid font file". Although I am using the same way to install all fonts.

                  Please help me and give me any solution. Please let me know if there any limitation with windows XP, or its a limitation of Type 1 fonts.

                  Thanks in advance and pardon my English.