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    commercial font list

      can anyone help me with finding as comprehensive a list as possible of commercially used fonts?
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          "list of commercially used fonts"

          That would be ... all of them! Including those from established
          commercial foundries such as Adobe, Bitstream, and Agfa/Monotype,
          individual designers, and both high and low quality fonts that are
          free and shareware; not to mention proprietary fonts created for the
          exclusive use of a single company.

          Such a list would number in the tens of thousands, and would include
          the different variations of typefaces produced by more than one
          source, and totally different fonts that happen to have the same name.

          Not a feasible undertaking.
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            Thanks for the reply Herb. let me briefly explain my situation and perhaps you can tell me if you think there is any feasible way to address it. my company uses a service that automatically reviews PDF documents, extracts the text (if they are first gen PDFs), and applies business rules related to the content to eliminate need for people to do manual review. the automated review process is generating errors due to software not recognizing certain fonts. the easy fix would be to make sure that the software's "library of recognized fonts" was more complete. so i'm trying to identify some way of ensuring that this "library" is as complete as it can possibly be. any suggestions? thanks again for your help and advice. this is obviously not my area of expertise. ;-)
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              The problem you've described would be better handled in one of the pdf
              or Acrobat related forums. This forum is intended for font designers
              using the opentype font development kit.

              That said, if the pdf's obtained by your service contain text, the
              specific font(s) used should be irrelevant. If the pdf's contain
              images (pictures of text) and need to be optically scanned with OCR,
              that's a different problem.

              If the pdf's are resumés or curricula vitae, then you probably don't
              want to interview people who use way out fonts for business
              correspondence :)

              - Herb
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                Thanks Herb.
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