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    Weird OT font behaviour in InDesign and Illustrator

      Hi font experts.

      I've been directed here by someone at the InDesign forum, who thought you might be able to help.

      Can anyone explain what's happening here?

      I've loaded an OT version of Zapf Dingbats into Suitcase Fusion on my Mac Pro and it seems just fine. Font Doctor says its OK. Suitcase Fusion says its OK. The font characters display correctly in Fusion.

      I can use both the TT and OT versions of the font in Mail and Word. Both versions print OK, too.

      But when I apply the OT font in Adobe InDesign or Illustrator, all I get to see is boxes with a cross through them and that "missing font" pinkish hue.

      No other OT fonts pose this problem. And deleting the TrueType font of Zapf Dingbats makes no difference so it's not a duplicates problem.

      As a result of the above I've temporarily ditched Fusion today to try out FontExplorer (which I like). Comparing the two fonts in there, I can see that there are lots of "missing" characters in the OT version if I select "Show missing characters", but none in the TT version. Not sure if that's relevant.

      Also, each character in the OT version has a lot more information, including Character Code, Unicode, Glyph ID, HTML and Keystroke, whereas the TT version simply has the Glyph ID. Don't know if that's relevant either. Incidentally, the keystroke doesn't work in InDesign or Illustrator.

      Thanks for any suggestions or solutions to this annoying issue. It seems very weird but maybe there's a simple explanation. Cheers.