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    Comparefamily name testing

    (Bob_Tremallo) Level 1
      Hello,<br /><br />While testing a family of fonts using Comparefamily I receive error messages such as,<br /><br />     Error: Mac platform Full Name  name id 4) 'Migration Sans ITC Std Bold Italic' is not the same as the font CFF table Full Name, 'Migration Sans ITC Std Bold Italic', for Font MigrationSansITCStd-BoldItalic.<br /><br />The message seems to be contradictory. Is it? Or is there a problem with the full name? <br /><br />When I dump the font with TTX the names are the same<br /><br />    <namerecord nameID="4" platformID="1" platEncID="0" langID="0x0"><br />      Migration Sans ITC Std Bold Italic<br /><br />      <FullName value="Migration Sans ITC Std Bold Italic"/><br /><br />Thanks in advance.<br /><br />Regards,<br />Bob