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    OpenType Fonts

      I'm trying to write a script that will automatically copy the new OpenType Fonts to the fonts folder on a Windows 2000 machine with SP 4. The script basically just copies those fonts from a directory to the fonts folder. Do I have to do anything else? After I copy the fonts I can't view them in Microsoft work until I manually open the fonts folder. Is there a way around this. The script would be useless if the user had to manually open the fonts folder.
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          You do not need to copy the fonts into the fonts folder.

          For each font, you need to know its Full Name (that is stored in the font "name" table You need to accordingly register them in the Windows 2000 registry:
          HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts

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            Thanks for your reply. I tried that and it doesn't work. It's very weird. Any other suggestions???
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              Not a clue. I suggest that you try the opentype@topic.com or comp.lang.fonts lists - I think you need someone with Windows specific font installatioon knowledge.
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                Fonts in windows need to have an entry in the registry. Simply copying them to the fonts folder will not work.

                If you need scripted install/uninstall then I woud sugest ATM Delux or suitcase.

                Otherwise you need to do it manualy from the fonts folder (file... add fonts)
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                  I wouldn't recommend the latter method, especially if one has lots of fonts. Slows down the machine, consumes lots of memory, no control over fonts

                  And only ATM supports MM fonts (if you still have some). I use Suitcase on one machine and ATM Deluxe on the other. Of course I organize them in groups and activate them when I need them (besides of a couple of fonts I use very often). I even try to remove as many automatically installed TT mess from the "fonts" folder in order to control them by the other programs. In the Suitcase manual (downloadable from Extensis as a PDF, even if you use ATM), you'll find indications on which fonts have to remain in the Windows Fonts folder in order to keep it work correctly. As far as I remember, the ATM documentation has this information, too. There are very few...