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    Problem font in Mac OS 9

      Hi, I hame some font problem with Mac OS 9 I can't resolve...

      I use the Adobe Font Postscript "Univers Condensed" on a printer with Bold attribute and the output is not correct. I don't see any bold charater on the paper.

      On any software in MacOS9, I type some text with the font "Univers 57 Condensed". When I apply the bold attribute to this text, I see the bold result on the screen. When I print the document to a PostScript printer I don't see any text in bold. I think that the link between these two font are not maked properly in the suitcase.

      The attributes of these fonts are :

      Plain font : Univers-Condensed
      Type : Postscript
      Suitcase : Univers Condensed
      Version : 001.001
      Family : Univers 57 Condensed
      Foundry : Adobe Systems
      Font ID : 14876
      Screen Font : Univers-Condensed
      Printer Font : UniveCon

      Bold font : Univers-CondensedBold
      Type : Postscript
      Suitcase : Univers Condensed
      Version : 001.001
      Family : Univers 67 CondensedBold
      Foundry : Adobe Systems
      Font ID : 14874
      Screen Font : Univers-CondensedBold
      Printer Font : UniveConBol

      I think the number in the family can cause some problem for associations in OS9. I am not sure. In OSX, this is correct.

      Jp :-)
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          I think this is not the right forum to solve this problem. But anyway:

          Are you sure you are copying all the fonts (screen and printer) to the fonts folder in the System Folder?

          Are you using a font manager? Which?

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            Ramón G Castañeda Level 4

            I replied to the post you left in the Mac ATM and Type forum:

            >Univers has a lot of weights with a very clever nomenclature system. In principle, you should never apply fake bold (or, as you call it, "bold attribute") to any font, but this is especially important in the case of the Univers family of type faces.
            >If you need the "bold" version corresponding to Univers 57 (which is 'medium condensed') you need to select your text and apply Univers 67 to it. Univers 67 is 'demibold condensed' and, therefore, the "bold" version of Univers 57.
            >For more on the naming system for the Univers family, check out this thread in the Typography forum:

            Neil Keller "Univers family naming conventions" 3/1/04 9:27am