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    Problem with Minion Condensed Pro

      Hello, OpenType Support.

      I've bought the Minion Condensed Pro font on Jun 06 2002.
      Order Number: 4591333271329525.
      The kerning of this font is really bad.
      I would like to discuss an opportunity of replacement
      with newer version of a font (if it exists).
      Or maybe, you can make the kerning better.
      Please, contact me: kochin@paratype.com
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          Thomas Phinney Level 3
          This isn't really a place for technical support on Adobe fonts.

          However, I suspect you are dealing with applications that don't handle full OpenType kerning, and that is the cause of your problem. This issue is of general interest to other developers of OpenType fonts as well.

          In what OS and application versions are you using the font? What particular letter combinations are causing problems?