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    Definition of hint overlap

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      Dont know if this is a FDK or FontLab question, it depends a little bit on the answer. I try it here; its maybe not OK to discuss FDK related issues in a public forum like the MSN FontLab one.

      So, what is the exact definition of a hint overlap? Are two touching hints, e.g. a vhint starting at position 30 with a width of 40 and the next vhint starting at position 70, overlapping or not? I cant find anything about this in the T1 spec.

      The reason Im asking is that FDK and FontLab (at least seems to have different opinions about this. FDKs compiler warns when finding touching hints. The same is true for the hint width checking feature in Compare Family. FontLab however, does not warn for touching hints and it does not insert a hint replacement when applying the auto replace command.