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    Embedding cue points in FLVs

    bb73 Level 1

      I'm editing video in Final Cut Pro and need to export my timelines in FLV format for use in Flash's component video player. I was wondering if it's possible for the markers in the FCP timeline to export as cue points in the final FLVs. I know it's possible to put cue points in through the FLV exporter in FCP, but that would mean I'd basically be duplicating my efforts since the markers I've already put in represent the same thing. Besides that, if cue points were put in through the FLV exporter that info would be gone once the export is complete - unless there's a way to save it that I'm not aware of. Not ideal if something needs to be tweaked later on. All that same info for the cue points would have to be put in again. Is it possible for the markers in FCP to export as cue points?