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    OpenType problems at the printer

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      Hi! Have a small question if any one knows about this problem, we are using OpenType fonts and we are about to change printer. More or less accidental i found a PDF on their Webpage... and guess what, they say they can't print OTF, hmmm. The most frustrating is that they say they can't check the PDfs and see if there problem will occur

      Is this just to accept and change the printer or is there a solution? When I try to talk to them their attitude are more or less... "we can´t help you, change the font or get missing letters"... (we work in many different languages so this is not an option)

      hope some one knows...
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          Thomas Phinney Level 3
          It's complete nonsense for them to say they can't print PDFs with OpenType fonts in them, if they can print PDFs with Type 1 fonts in them. Type 1 and OpenType fonts are stored the exact same way in PDF, and you literally can't tell which kind it is, except by the name.

          Now, there are ways of making PDFs that may give problems to some PostScript "clone" RIPs, and other issues like that. But they are largely independent of font format going into the PDF.

          If you present them with this information, and they still won't budge, I suggest you change printers.



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            (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
            If they can't print OpenType, it must mean they have old, out of date
            equipment and aren't willing to pay to update.

            If they can't check for this they either haven't heard of
            pre-flighting, or won't pay for it. Or don't know how to set it up.

            Frankly, it would not fill me with confidence. If you don't choose
            them, you should let them know why, it might enourage them to deal
            with their issues.

            Aandi Inston