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    Adobe Font Library Question

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      I work for a large company and we just purchased the entire library of fonts from Adobe. We use both macs and pcs in our office. The fonts that were sent were "Open Type". I have a few questions:

      1. We had been using "Type 1". Has "Open Type" replaced all of type 1 fonts?

      2. There were several fonts that we used as type 1 that are not showing up in our Adobe Font library of type (Example: Helvetica Narrow). Does Adobe no longer support that font? Are there others available to purchase, or does the Adobe Font Folio CD cover all type that is available?

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          Great question - I'm trying to get the answer from Adobe right now. I will post back if I get a meaningful reply... from what I can discern not all type 1 fonts have been 1) converted to open type or 2) included in the Font Folio open type version (which is what I presume your company purchased)

          PS Just got reply while composing.... try emailing [address deleted by forum staff - see http://www.adobeforums.com/Typography/661 for list] for a list of the typefaces in the FontFolio package (reference doc-> FFOTEFontList.pdf) Seems to me if the font you now use isn't in the package you might be stuck with your old version.

          Here's a copy of the msg she forwarded me from her manager (JR) - Good luck!

          1) How many fonts WON"T be upgraded (meaning we'll have to keep the Postscript versions)

          [JR] Although Type 1 fonts built on multiple master (MM) technology were converted to OpenType, MM's main feature of allowing adjusting height/weight axes is not converted. Instead, customers will have to choose corresponding Opentype fonts that approximate the various weights; a conversion chart of MM-to-OT fonts should be posted at http://studio.adobe.com/type/ at some point soon, but if the customer wants a copy sooner, I have one.

          As far as Type 1 fonts the customer *should keep*, pi (symbol) fonts in Type 1 format may need to be retained, as some symbols cannot be accessed by some applications for current OpenType fonts. The customer can read more in the OpenType ReadMe, here: http://store.adobe.com/type/browser/OTReadMe.html#Anchor-Pi

          1a) From your msg below: What does this mean? Does this mean we have to keep all our PS fonts? - All converted Type 1 to OpenType fonts*

          [JR] Except for the instances mentioned above, customers should not need to retain Type 1 equivalents of OpenType fonts. All base characters accessible in the Type 1 versions should be accessible in OpenType, in all applications. There are some known limitations, however, discusses in the OpenType ReadMe, here, however, that should be noted: http://store.adobe.com/type/browser/OTReadMe.html#Anchor-22064

          2) How many fonts are actually NEW? (OPEN TYPE)

          [JR] There are 61 new fonts on FFOTE that were not on Font Folio 9.0. These include Brioso Pro, Montara Std, Moonglow Std, Organica Std and Arcana Std Manuscript.

          3) Can I get a list that answers the 2 above questions.

          [JR] This will be somewhat labor intensive, but I can supply some preliminary information, if you'd like.

          4) We also got a bunch of Image Club fonts when we got Font Folio... are those now part of the open type package? We've since lost the disc and are in the process of replacing it but I wonder if it is wasted effort if its - but that's another story

          [JR] Although Image Club was at one time an Adobe-held company, it's very difficult to know what fonts they had rights to sell at this point. Adobe may not have retained (and likely did not retain) the rights to every font in the Image Club library, once we divested the company. The best way to know is to compare their Image Club fonts against the complete FFOTE font list, attached.

          Hope this helps!
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            (Note; This discussion really doesn't belong here, as you folks aren't interested in developing OpenType fonts using Adobe tools. I'd suggest the Typography forum for these sorts of questions. There's a nice thread about Font Folio there.)

            No need to email people to get a list of the fonts on Font Folio OpenType edition. There's a list posted here: http://www.adobeforums.com/Typography/661
            (I've taken the liberty of deleting the email address from your message. I don't want to see one customer service agent deluged with emails!)

            The Image Club fonts were never part of Font Folio before, and aren't now. Adobe no longer owns Image Club or their fonts. I think the fonts may be owned by Veer. Try http://www.veer.com

            The other fonts formerly sold by Adobe that Adobe no longer sells were a set of fonts licensed from Berthold Types. These are still available directly from Berthold, but are no longer on Font Folio. I think that is about 50 type families that were on Font Folio 8 and were removed for Font Folio 9, if I recall correctly.

            Although only a few of the typeface designs on Font Folio OpenType Edition are new, some have expanded character sets or were revised for OpenType.