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    'premature EOF' running makeotf

      I have an OTF font I purchased that has lots of alternate glyphs for each character, but none of the OTF tables that make those alternates easily accessible (so, for instance, the only way to use the alternates in Illustrator CS is to hunt them down in the glyph palette).

      I was hoping to be able to use the FDK to add GSUBs to the font to make it more useful. When I try running makeotf, though, I get:

      [Programs] 27 % python FDK.py
      Imported makeotflib v.1.6.5960
      Getting Font Environment data from: D:\apps\FDK1.6-Win4\Tools\SharedData\FontEnv
      Imported txlib v.1.5.4750
      Imported otfprooflib v.1.6.6086
      Loaded UC2UJ
      Imported txlib v.1.5.4750
      Imported otfcomparelib
      Imported otfprooflib v.1.6.6086
      Imported teditlib
      Imported txlib v.1.5.4750
      Running txlib...
      txlib: --- D:\apps\FDK1.6-Win4\Tools\Programs\DearSarah-OT.otf
      txlib: (cfr) /BlueScale useless (ignored)
      txlib: (cfr) /BlueValues missing: FD[0]
      txlib complete
      Running 'makeotflib'...
         -fc  -serif  +w  +z  -S  -d "D:\apps\FDK1.6-Win4\Tools\SharedData\FontMenuNameDB"  -ff "D:\apps\FDK1.6-Win4\Tools\Programs\subst.txt"  -o "D:\apps\FDK1.6-Win4\Tools\Programs\DearSarahTwo.otf" -f "c:\DOCUME~1\dougz\LOCALS~1\Temp\~428-12"

      Sat Mar 12 08:21:15 2005
      makeotflib.error Fatal Error
      makeotflib [FATAL] premature EOF [c:\DOCUME~1\dougz\LOCALS~1\Temp\~428-12]

      This is with an empty feature file; I'm just trying to get makeotf working before I start experimenting with adding substitutions. I'm using python 2.2.2. The temp file it's complaining about looks like a PS version of the font -- it's mostly hex data with a postscript wrapper. It doesn't look truncated to me; it ends in "%%EOF". Any suggestions?