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    Is "Spot" identical to OTFProof.py?

      Someone advised me to use a program called "spot" which he said is a shorter form of "OTFProof" and can be used to dump the 'cmap' table into text form from an OpenType font. Is there a difference between 'spot' and 'OTFProof'? Is it a simpler (shorter) program or just a shorter name for the same program? a batch file?

      I installed the OpenType FDK but OTFProof doesn't seem to work like 'spot' was described (from a command line).

      Jim Mott
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          'spot' and ''OTFProof.py' use the same C library, but are different programs. 'spot' is a stand-alone command-line tool for Mac and Windows. "OTFProof.py" is a Python script that providesa a graphical user interface, but which requires that you have Python installed on your system, and that you have completed the FDK install inall its details. Both provide exactly the same reports. You will find spot one directory level down from OTFProof.py. in the sub-directory named osx or nt.