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    Chinese large font in OpenType

      Does Adobe make a Chinese OpenType font with the full range of traditional characters (like the 65,000 Simsun Foundry Extended TTF)? I would love to buy it...

      - J Heisig
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          Hi Jim,

          The largest commercial font we have is AdobeSongStd-Light, which is an Adobe-GB1-4 OpenType font that has 29,064 CIDs (glyphs). Unfortunately, it is not a font that we sell outright, but instead is bundled with several of our applications.

          The largest font that I have built was used to produce Appendix G of my book ("CJKV Information Processing"), which is a complete CNS 11643-1992 character set table, arranged by plane. That font has 55,880 CIDs. I never built an OpenType version, though. Doing so would not be difficult, but there would be little benefit in doing so. It is not a commercial font, which is the reason. If you are interested in such a font, I suggest that you contact Arphic Technology. I can provide contact information if you need it.

          BTW, I have analyzed Founder's font, and if you'd like to see that information, please contact me offline.

          -- Ken
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            Dear Ken,

            long time, no hear. Nice to get an answer from youand with so much information.
            I would love to (1) get the Adobe SongStd-Light font and (2) get an OpenType version of your complete CNS 11643-1992.
            The immediate reason is that I am collaborating with someone to make a Chinese version (traditional characters) of my Kanji books, and we want a single, all-inclusive font. Besides that, we often have need of older characters and are forced to make them in Asian Font Library, which can often be time consuming and not always as aesthetically perfect as we would like.
            You said you had information on the Founder's font. I have just discovered that when embedded in a PDF it will not print in postscript... Odd, that. Must be something strange about the coding.

            Best wishes,

            Jim Heisig
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              Contact me offline: lunde@adobe.com

              -- Ken