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    AXt Arabic fonts

    Zaid Al-Hilali Level 1
      I have bought Arabic fonts in the past from different vendors, most of them were well written and had not many problems in using them.
      Since many of my students in InDesign training are an ex-Quark users, they still have AXt fonts from that workflow. Students usually raise the AXt questions whether they can be utilized or not on Adobe products specially InDesign.

      I requested from one student to bring these fonts for trial, which he did. On my first test I exported to PDF from InDesign, there were missing letters, the same 3 or 4 letters in all occurance dissapeared in the pdf. I printed the file to PS and distilled it, the result was good, all letters appeared fine.
      I used 3 different AXt fonts in the test, just one was misbehaving when exported to pdf.

      my question would be, if any one have used AXt, what is the compatibility of these fonts with Adobe ME or international products? Who makes them? Why some letters dissapear upon export and comes fine through distiller?