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    Problem with "size" feature (FDK for Windows)

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      It seems there is a problem with the OpenType "size" feature, at least in the current Windows release of the AFDKO:

      The values in the resulting otf file are 256 times too large (see example below), so I think there is some problem with the data type.

      This happens with the sample files for Minion as supplied by Adobe, as well as with my own files. The same error occurs in Fontlab Studio 5 for Windows (which, of course, uses the FDK code).

      I noticed the error by checking the otf files in FontForge
      (FontLab Studio 5 seems able to process the "size" information from a .fea file, but I couldn't get it to display the information).
      Original MinionPro fonts (as shipped by Adobe) are o.k.,
      all files from the FDK show the wrong information.

      Has anyone else noticed this error? Is there any easy remedy?

      For example, with the following definition in a .fea file:

      feature size {
      110 # design size (decipoints)
      3 # subfamily identifier
      84 # range start (exclusive, decipoints)
      130 # range end (inclusive, decipoints)
      sizemenuname "Regular"; # Windows Unicode menu name
      sizemenuname 1 "Regular"; # Mac Roman menu name
      } size;

      the design size comes out as 2816.0 (i.e. 11 times 256),
      and the range as 2150.4 -- 3328.0.


      Johannes Kuester
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          I will check on this. If this is a bug in the AFDKO for Windows, this is a good time to report it; I hope to be done with the next release within two weeks, and will be able to fix this issue. Also, with the next release of the FDK, it will write the 'size' feature according to the OpenType spec. You may recall that the current FDK incorrectly writes the size featureParam field as an offset to the start of the FeatureList table, rather than as an offset to the start of the 'size' feature subtable. Any future version of Adobe software that actually uses the 'size' feature will be able to detect and use both versions.

          - Read Roberts