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    Converted OTF to T1 font does not work at the printer's interpreter

      Hi there,

      I'm working with OpenType fonts converted to Type1 and downloaded to the printer's file system. I put them under the postscript folder and when I go and print out a PS font list from the printer the downloaded OpenType font it is not the expected, I mean it is printed with the Courier font.

      When printed out the PS font list you get three columns (HP Printers). For example, the helvetica bold font is printed with its format:
      Font Name Font Resource Font Location
      Helvetica Bold Helvetica-Bold Internal Number
      HouseSampler-SpaceageRound HouseSampler-SpaceageRound External Number

      But for an OpenType font converted to type1 it is printed with courier font.

      Does anybody has an idea of what is going on?
      I expected to see the font as it is and not printed out with another font.

      I'll appreciate your help on this topic...

      -- Noe