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    Font Recognition

      When using Adobe programs, Photoshop CS2, Illustrator 10, InDesign some of my postscript fonts do not display the roman style. For example I can select Futura Italic however the face Futura is not available, Helvetica Italic is available Helvetica is not. If the fonts name is something like Garamond Book it is available. These font styles are available when I am using Quark and Freehand. Any ideas on how to fix this problem.

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          Open face fonts are not being collected in PageMaker 7.0 or InDesign when Collecting for Service Provider or Packaging. Why and how can I correct this problem?
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            Thomas Phinney Level 3
            Folks, neither of these questions have anything to do with the Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType. Also, only a small handful of people visit this forum. I would recommend the Typography forum, or perhaps the InDesign forum, as the best place to get answers to these sorts of questions. (Also, Michael, best to create a new thread rather than to tack an unrelated question on to an existing thread.)


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              Let me start off by saying I read that this is not the forum for this topic and rushed to research elsewhere but have found no thread so relevant to my problem as this one so please pardon the post . . .

              I am experiencing the exact same problem in PageMaker (I know, I know, but the place I work insists on using PageMaker).
              I have Futura Std Open Type and have researched and discovered the Font Style Linking document solving the problem of a font family offering more than a couple of weights and how to get access toa all the weights by Style Linking.

              However, Futura Roman is still no where to be found.
              It does not appear in my PageMaker font menu just as you described was occurring in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
              Have you discovered the soulution to this and if so could you pass it on?
              Thanks so much
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                I have not been able to get the font menu to read correctly. However here is something I have found. The roman faces are showing up as medium when I collect the fonts the roman face is collect. It gets a little confusing when the font family has a medium face it usually appears second in the list.
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                  Hi Paul:
                  Thanks so much for the rapid reply.
                  That is exactly what I have been lucky enough to guess and use so far in this publication that is in question. We use a pdf workflow so I do not employ the collect for out put function at this particular freelance job. I will be anxious to see what the Futura Medium embedded font is listed as when I have distilled this publication as a high res pdf to go to print.
                  Strange how there is not much on this in the way of knowledge base documentation eh? I can see not supporting PageMaker and all it's multitude of problems but how about CS2 versions of PhotoShop, Illustrator etc. And you experienced this in InDesign too? That's not good news.
                  Anyway, I think I'll stay subscribed to this thread to see if there is any actual answers forthcoming. Thank you for your input.