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    AFDKO 2.0 is now available

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      The AFDKO (Adobe Font Development Kit for Opentype) v 2.0 build 21 is now available at:

      The download page is reached from the "Download AFDKO" link in the left side-bar.

      Please read the 'AFKDO Overview' carefully: much has changed. This document is available from this web site as the top item in the right side-bar, and in the top level directory of the AFDKO.

      the AFKDO v2.0 has been in use for only a few months by three people, so I expect that you will quickly find bugs, especially in installation. The main tools (makeotf, spot, tx) will work well once you get them running. Down-load only if you are an early adopter person; otherwise you might do better to wait for another month or so. This is the version that the Adobe Type Dept is using, but we are, of course, only working with a handful of different fonts at one time.

      - Read Roberts