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    OpenType has different ascender numbers?

      We're converting our Mac Type 1 publications to OpenType and have noticed that the OpenType characters are ascending closer to the top of the text box in InDesign than the Type 1 characters did.
      I checked into this with FontLab and noticed that for ITC Garamond book, the ascender height for the Type 1 fonts is 671, the descender is -218, the Caps height is 623 and the x height is 445.
      For ITC Garamond Std Book, the ascender is 703, the descender is -297, the Cas height is 626 and the x height is 451.
      These are substantially different numbers, resulting in reworking a large number of files to replicate the type 1 fonts.

      Does anybody know the reason why this happened?
      Looking forward to some enlightenment!
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          Thomas Phinney Level 3
          I believe the OpenType version of ITC Garamond is based on the Type 1 MM version, not the plain Type 1 version.

          Adobe does NOT make any promises of compatibility between Type 1 and OpenType versions of fonts, but we do document many of the kinds of things that they have changed. However, I don't think this particular issue is in there, and it should be. Sorry about that.