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    Error report with Proof in Charplot Style macro

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      Posted by Artur Schmal on 01:32am Jun 22, 2007 Pacific<br />>> <br />>> Hi all, <br />>> <br />>> I'm having a problem with the Proof in Charplot macro in FontLab. On running <br />>> the macro the following output is delivered to me:  <br />>> <br />>> Traceback (most recent call last): <br />>>   File "<string>", line 41, in ? <br /><br />>> ImportError: No module named fontPDF <br /><br />The problem is that you need to have a copy of  the file fontPDF.py in your FontLabs Macros/System/Modules directory.  The local Python which is used to run the FontLab scripts wont have a path to the <br />FDK/Tools/SharedData/FDKScripts directory, and isnt supposed to.<br /><br />In FDK 2.0, I gave trying to add the path to the FDK scripts directory to the local Python interpreter. Instead, the script installFontLabMacros.py simply copies all the necessary FDK support modules to the FontLab Macros/System/Modules directory. You should be able to fix this problem by just running  the FDK script installFontLabMacros.py, as described in the FDK Read_Me_First.html.<br /><br /> - Read Roberts