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    Very old font

      I have a jpg of a really old piece of letterhead. I want to use the font from this letterhead but can't find it or identify it from anywhere. I don't know where else to go to ask how I find it. Is this a place where I can find some help?
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          This is the developers' forum.

          Some options for font identification:


          http://www.identifont.com (a series of questions)

          http://www.whatthefont.com (upload an image
          - needs to be a good image - some restrictions
          on size and number of characters)


          adobe.typography forum (you need to provide a link to an image)

          www.typophile.com (Font ID board 29 - you need to register)

          usenet newsgroups:
          alt.binaries.fonts (image can be posted)
          comp.fonts (need to have a link to the image
          - can be accessed via Google groups)

          - Herb