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    font source path and vendor id

      two questions


      Since the step from 1.4 to 1.5 my old font folder is no more accepted by
      MakeOTF. It stops compiling the font by the status "Running txlib...".
      Him - I downloaded the examples and all works fine. So I`d copied my
      fonts paths into the "Example Font Sources" directory and MakeOTF runs
      like MakeOTF 1.4 before. But how can I change the path - so MakeOTF will
      operate from each path my font files stored?


      How can I apply my vendor ID to the font - of course I can extract the
      table form the font, can use an hex editor and place it back. But I like
      to do it with MakeOTF. I have checked the adobe samples and the vendor
      id is ADBE in the final font. But I haven't find any code in the feature
      files changing this value. If I compile my own fonts the result is UKWN
      - unknown. The values from the source pfa and fontinfo file will be
      ignored by MakeOTF.

      (I use the Windows SDK)

      Andreas Seidel